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Project Description
RackMail is a queued email gateway for .NET server applications. Server applications can queue emails through MSMQ. RackMail eliminates the remote SMTP integration point.

RackMail provides simple email transformations and redirections to simplify management of email traffic.

RackMail's Agent runs in a Windows Service with a ASP.NET MVC web front-end.

  • Send email through a MSMQ queue.
  • Virtually no migration effort from .NET SmtpClient to RackMail's client. RackMail's client provides the exact same interface as the BCL SmtpClient component.
  • Transformations of incoming emails e.g. prefix mails with "QA" or redirect mail to a shared mailbox that can be accessed by QA engineers.
  • Dynamically configure input queues or any other WCF-based endpoint.
  • Extensible gateways: SMTP, file share, log4net, custom.

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